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The 밥/Bap/  Korean Takeaway & Restaurant

"The Bap" is a delightful independent Korean takeaway/restaurant in England, born out of a passion for Korean cuisine that's sure to tickle the taste buds of locals.

We first set our culinary roots in the charming towns of Farnborough and the second branch in Swindon.

Now we're excited to bring our Korean flavors to Reading!

At "The Bap," we're driven by a genuine love for food, firmly believing in the transformative power of a good meal to uplift both body and spirit.

Our menu is a heartfelt journey through the authentic tastes of Korea, offering homey, wholesome, and freshly prepared recipes daily.

In Korean culture, 'Bap' (cooked rice) isn't just a dish;

it symbolizes strength, unity, and the joy of sharing within a close-knit community.

For Koreans, Bap represents life, history, and love.



Our range ensures you a filling and tasty meal on every visit.

Our Branches

Come in! All of our branches prioritise consistency, tasty food and quality service, ensuring you a hearty meal on every visit.

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The Market Place

Oppsite Town hall &
St Laurence, Church

23 - 24 Market Place, Reading, RG1 2DE

Our Reading branch is  located at the Market place where the heart of town in Reading.

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